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Sunday, 5 June 2022

yet ANOTHER jubilee poem - 'Paddington Bear's Been Deported'


Paddington Bear’s been deported. 

They sent round the goons in the night. 

They cuffed up his paws

and they said “it’s the law”

while Patel watched the scene with delight. 

Paddington Bear’s been deported.

They said he was foreign and weird.

He’s furry and brown 

so Rees-Mogg gave a frown 

and made sure that the bear disappeared. 

Paddington Bear’s been deported,

his marmalade sandwich destroyed. 

He came from Peru,

now he’s bruised black and blue

cos he made all the Tories annoyed. 

Paddington Bear’s been deported. 

Shipped off to Rwanda at once. 

It’s true that he’s cute 

but those people in suits, 

they are simply a right bunch of c…