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Thursday 3 October 2019


Happy National Poetry Day one and all! I have just had the opportunity to work with an amazing group of KS3 pupils. The theme for National Poetry Day this year is 'Truth', and, using the starter 'I'm made of...', each pupil had a go at expressing the truth of who they are, of what makes them them. I am delighted to share the following selection of super fantastic poems from pupils at County Upper School, Bury St Edmunds.

I’m Made Of by Morgan (Year 8)

I’m made of a cosy Christmas morning
as the smell of candles fills my nostrils. 
I’m made of chicken, its taste so succulent. 
I’m made of music, its sound a comfort
on the early morning bus rides
and long trips to the airport and to 
grandparents’ houses. 
I’m made of lime green, the colour of a lime, 
so rough and bitter. 
I’m made of jokes and if you don’t
laugh at them I take it personally
as the sound of silence
plays in the background.
I’m made of friends
and I’m made of me…
and mostly water. 

I’m Made Of by Mia (Year 8)

I’m made of the happiness
when I see the vibrant colour yellow,
beaming down at me from the shining sun. 

I’m made of the warm, sweet sensation
when I take a bite out of a soft, delicate doughnut,
staring at me from the box. 

I’m made of the feeling of love and safety
and the beautiful walks with my family 
underneath a sky of all different colours. 

I’m made of the exhilarating energy
when I’m running in a game of football,
dodging the defenders and going up to shoot. 

I’m made of the refreshing, calm feeling
when taking a lick of ice cream, swirls of
chocolate sauce hypnotising me. 

I’m made of the enjoyment of sitting on my bed
letting my imagination run free, picturing
different fantasies from the book mum reads. 

I’m made of the carefree feeling of galloping
across the grass, under a blood-red sun,
feeling the wind blow through my wild hair. 

I’m made of all these things. 

I’m Made Of by Lathifa (Year 8)

I’m made of 

All the holidays that come around each year
My body gets pumped when one comes near
Excitement races through my brain
At the thought of having free days again

I’m made of 

Magenta from the sunsets and inky felt tips
Red from the blood after biting my lip

Light blue like the ocean in the summertime [poem unfinished, but amazing nonetheless]