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Wednesday, 1 June 2022

another poem for the Platinum Jubilee


I polish her silver

and cook up her lunch. 

If someone attacks her

I’m quick with a punch. 

I help her to dress

and to go to the loo. 

I wash all her garments 

and make her a brew. 

I hoover the carpets;

she lazes in bed. 

I walk all her corgis,

ensuring they’re fed. 

I do all her shopping.

I primp and I preen her.

I’m adamant no one

has grass that is greener. 

I write all her letters

and open her post. 

I boil her eggs

and I butter her toast. 

I see that her palace

is spotlessly clean.

I know I’m a lackey

whilst she is The Queen

but I’m pretty important,

so why can’t they see

that this huge celebration,

it should be for ME!