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Tuesday 8 May 2018

INSIDE - a poetry workshop idea

I recently read two poems that inspired me, 'A Helping Hand' by Miroslav Holub, and 'Russian Doll' by Rachel Rooney. I was inspired to write the following:


Inside the child
a heart is beating

Inside the heart
a poem is sleeping

inside the poem
a word is whizzing

Inside the word
a secret is fizzing

Inside the secret
a whisper is hushing

Inside the whisper
a river is rushing

Inside the river
a bubble’s expanding

Inside the bubble
a spaceship is landing

Inside the spaceship
a child is dreaming

Inside the child
a heart is beating

With all of these poems in mind, students can have a go at writing their own poems, using the following format:

Inside..... is .......
Inside..... is....... 

Here are some more examples:

Inside the acorn
an oak tree flexes its muscles
Inside the ball
a goal longs to be scored
Inside the cub
roar the fangs of a lion
Inside the cat
Lurk nine secret lives... 

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Wednesday 2 May 2018

poem based on recent experience


Is it malignant
or is it benign?
Is it a payment
or is it a fine?
What does it want?
What will it say?
What kind of bill
will it ask you to pay?
Is it a cheque
or a form to fill in?
Is it important
or fit for the bin?
Is it a statement
that says you're in debt?
Is it a promise
or is it a threat?
Is it the taxman
dispatching a note?
Is it the BNP
chasing your vote?
Is it results
from your cardiogram?
Is it momentous
or simply some spam?
Is it assurance
of legal indemnity?
Is it light hearted
or sent with solemnity?
Is it for speeding
or driving though red?
Is it your neighbour’s
or partner’s instead?
Is it a questionnaire
sent from Beirut?
Is it the council
engaged in dispute?
Is it a policeman
engaged in pursuit?
(Perhaps it’s that body-bag
stuffed in your boot...)

Yes pants will get soiled
and bricks will get shat
when you see a BROWN ENVELOPE
there on the mat.