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Friday, 17 June 2022


I’m not like a bigot or anything

but to be honest it’s time to ship ‘em out.

They come over here, no knowledge

of British cultures like respect and honesty,

and they take all our top jobs.

They’re lazy and untrustworthy.

Sure, sure, they’re not all bad, like.

In fact I’m friends with one or two of them,

but enough’s enough, y’know.

It’s time to ship ‘em out. Send a message.

Stick em on a plane.

We need to dissuade more from coming, you see.

It’s like a swarm. A swarm of insects.

Most of them are unskilled and untalented,

and they’re just a drain on our resources.

I think, if you ask me, that we should look after our own.

To hell with them. Ship ‘em out...

it’s time to put every last Tory on a plane.