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Wednesday 29 June 2022


So you got up and fed the cat. That’s something.

You hauled one leg, then the other, out of your

pyjama bottoms, and you fought doggedly across

the rugged terrain of the landing. You wielded

your toothbrush like a club. You stood under 

the shower’s strafe for as long as it took

to deter the enemies under your skin, if just

for a while. You got yourself dressed: trousers,

T-shirt, socks – the kit. You sat for a bit then went

to the shops for milk and fruit, whatever your tired

gut could take. You wrote. That’s something.

Even read a bit too. You talked with your wife –

only half hearing through the hounding static,

but you talked nonetheless. You watched

some show about the Vikings. That’s something.

That’s something. And when the day was done

you dropped heavily into bed, your mind bulging

with a thousand tiny battles, a thousand mini victories.

Joshua Seigal

(published in Every Night is Full of Stars,

ed. Aoibhin Garrihy, Bonnier Books)