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Thursday 11 April 2024

Spicy Mind

I recently discovered the word 'neurospicy', to describe neurodivergence. Naturally, I wrote a poem about it. Enjoy!

Spicy Mind

I have a spicy mind. It doesn’t

do what people tell it to. 

It’s often very friendly but then

sometimes it’ll yell at you. 

It’s like a pair of horses pulling

each their separate way at once,

or else it is a jester with

a chestful of annoying stunts. 

I have a spicy mind. It often

makes me want to scream and shout. 

It’s like a tiger, locked up in

a cage, that simply can’t get out. 

It throws me lots of curveballs

and it’s riddled with anxiety. 

It conjures ways to trick me

with its impish impropriety. 

I have a spicy mind. I guess

it’s tiring, but I’ve grown to learn 

that often it’s delectable

despite the way my brain can burn. 

My mind belongs to me, you see

I think that I am stuck with it,

so stick it in your recipe

and come and try your luck with it!

Joshua Seigal

Saturday 6 April 2024

Making a Name for Myself

My moniker is Monica.

From Monaco I came. 

I’m good on the harmonica;

Veronica’s the same. 

They ask about my moniker. 

“It’s Monica”, I claim,

“and me and my Veronica,

we came in search of fame.”  

My moniker is Monica.

Simplicity’s my aim:

see, Monica’s my moniker – 

my name’s the name for ‘name’.

Joshua Seigal

Wednesday 3 April 2024

poem published in 'Teaching English' magazine

I am delighted to say that a poem of mine has recently been published in the fantastic 'Teaching English' magazine. Check it out!