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Thursday, 23 June 2022

'I'M MADE OF' - brilliant poems by Year 5 and 6, Bury CE Primary, West Sussex

I spent yesterday working with Years 5 and 6 at Bury CE Primary School, in West Sussex. In class we focused on the idea of identity, and what goes into making us who we are. After some initial warm-up activities in which I asked pupils to jot down some idea about things that matter to them, I gave them the prompt 'I'm made of...', and let them loose on some poetry! I am delighted to share a small selection of their fabulous poetry. 

I’m Made Of by Zoey Year 6

I’m made of 

Hugs from mum and dad when I’m having a tough time

The thought of ice cream, especially lemon and lime 

When by best friends want to come round and play 

And when my grandma comes to stay 

I’m made of 

Television, staring at it 24/7 

My birthday when I turn 11

When I go to Wagamama and get katsu curry

I feel a rumble in my tummy 

I’m made of 

Love. So are you. 

Never believe it’s not true. 

Who Am I? By Max Year 5

I’m on of those people

Who bike on deadly bike tracks 

Someone who does ridiculous things

That nobody can do 

But when I tell other people 

They don’t believe me at all 

I’m someone who goes karting

In karts that can hit up to 40mph 

And no one believes me 

I’m someone who scooters

In scooter parks 

And can do wheelies and jumps 

And yet again

No one believes me 

I’m a person 

Who does not always lie 

And I hope I will not die

Any time soon 

But still they don’t believe me 

Then I find someone who believes me 

I tell her crazy things 

A friend


I’m Made Of by Tom Year 6 

I’m made of 

My mum’s delicious spaghetti 

Poppy and Maisie sitting on my lap 

The excitement of a rugby match 

I’m made of 

The best family possible 

Double-jointed arms 

Playing sports most days 

I’m made of 

Taking dogs to vets 

Finding out they both have cancer 

And cuddling my wonderful dogs 

Every evening 

I’m Made Of by Harry Year 5 

I’m made of 

Roast dinner on a Sunday evening 

My dog curled up next to me 

When I slept as a baby 

The scent of the salt on fish and chips

Wafting up my nose 

I’m made of 

A set of brilliant parents

And a little sister 

I have a girlfriend 

Who makes me happy when I’m sad 

When I play football all my worries go away 

I’m made of 

My nan who died  three weeks ago 

Age 84