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Wednesday 27 March 2019


On my website there is a little-known clause which states that, if I am booked by a school to run a workshop on a specific theme, I will write a poem, on that theme, especially for them. Tomorrow I am visiting St Luke's Primary, in Islington. With Year 3 we are going to write poems on the theme of Ancient Egypt. With that in mind, I have written the following little poem.

What the Sphinx Thinks

The body of a lion
The head of a man
He sits and he watches
Over his land
Never a murmur
A twitch or a wink –
Who knows
What the Sphinx thinks?

Carved by chisel
Hewn from rock
It harbours a riddle
You cannot unlock
Never a shudder
A breath or a blink –
Who knows
What the Sphinx thinks?

A creature cut
From the hardest granite
Has it come from
Another planet
With secrets written
In ancient ink?
Do you know
What the Sphinx thinks?

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Tuesday 26 March 2019


There’s lots of stuff
I cannot do,
like name all the animals
in the zoo,
or dive to the depths
of the deepest sea,
but I’m happy being me.

There’s lots of stuff
I’ll never know,
like why a stone
will never grow,
or why you can’t
eat traffic jam,
but I’m happy as I am.

There’s lots of stuff
I haven’t got:
a lion’s strength,
a horse’s trot,
an owl’s flight,
a cheetah’s stealth,
but I’m happy being myself.

Saturday 23 March 2019


Marjorie is a mild-mannered woman.
She teaches at the local school.
Always smiling, always diligent,
she patiently helps the children
with their sums and spelling.

But, believe it or not,
Marjorie has a secret.
For every morning,
When the alarm clock beeps at the stroke of 6am,
Marjorie emerges from her cozy den
and becomes…


Watch the hideous beast bare her fangs
as she prowls ito the kitchen!
Gaze in wonder at her fearsome claws
as she rifles through the cupboards!
Marvel at her bleary eyes as she heaps majestic spoonfuls
into her ‘World’s Best Teacher’ mug,
Gasp as she gulps down gallons
of her steamy potion.
Be amazed as she exhales deeply

and, just like that,
becomes Marjorie again -
a mild-mannered woman
who teaches at the local school.

Thursday 21 March 2019


I was delighted to be commissioned to write a poem to celebrate World Poetry Day 2019. Every Child Our Future is a fantastic organisation with whom I have worked in Jersey, and I was delighted to write for them the following poem, entitled 'How to Read a Book'

(note, pupils can have fun writing their own versions of this poem, using their own selection of 'fronted adverbials')

Sunday 17 March 2019


Whenever something frightens me,
whenever I feel blue,
there’s something very simple
that I’d really love to do;
the kind of superpower
that would deal with my fears -
I’d simply point my finger and then
it disappears.

I’d zap away the bullies
and I’d zap away the ghouls,
and when the weekend’s over
I would zap away my school.
I’d zap away my braces
and the pimple on my nose.
I’d simply click my finger and then
away it goes.

I’d zap away the angry words
between my mum and dad.
I’d zap away the arguments
that make me feel sad.
And sometimes, after having had
a truly dismal day,
I almost wish that I could even
myself away.

I’d zap away the demons
that reside within my head.
I’d close my eyes and hold my breath
and then I’d zap them dead.
I’d zap away the worries
that go on and on and on.
I’d take a gulp then give a wink and then I’d
them gone.

Whenever something comes along
and brings up all my rage,
and makes me feel like a tiger
trapped inside a cage,
I’d really love to zap it.
That’s what I would like to do.
So do not make angry or I might even