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Monday 4 July 2022


I recently worked with a group of Year 5 pupils ar Orchards Junior School in West Sussex. Throughout the day we wrote poems centred around their wonderful school. I was then tasked with taking the poems home, and using them as a basis to construct a special, bespoke poem for the school. I am delighted to be sharing it on my blog. A huge congratulations to all involved!

Orchards Junior School Poem

Here at Orchards we love to SPARKLE

And this is what we’re made of:

Pride bursting out of happy hearts

Building a future, making a start

Working together and playing our part

Thousands of books, from every perspective

Trying our best to reach our objective

Respecting others, and being respected

Excitement bubbling in the atmosphere

Looking out for each other, giving a cheer

Determination cutting through fear

Sherbet lemons, so fizzy and sweet

Mud covered boots on eager young feet

Needing each other to feel complete

The comforting fragrance of freshly-cut grass

Exploring the world with our teachers in class

Football and dodgeballl, a goal and a pass

Our school always sparkles, fierce and strong

We know that Orchards is where we belong

On this journey we help each other along

Because this is what we’re made of!

by Joshua Seigal, with help from Grace, Imogen, Samrina, Aanya, Bea, Bella, Gracie, Alexie, Elijah, Landon, James, Riley, Freddie, Advik, Jess, Sofia, Darcy, Hollie, Daniel, Jackson, Max, Mrs Jones, Austin, Eric, Uriele, Hannah, Erin, Caden