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Sunday 10 July 2022


Your dad, your nan, the guy next door

The bloke who runs the general store

Your best mate’s wife from Ecuador

Everyone’s going for PM. 

Churchillian manqués spouting crap

Nonentities who like to yap

The girl who’s on the till at Gap

Everyone’s going for PM.

The slug, the lizard and the snake

The sharp of elbow, on the take 

Your neighbour’s cat, your cousin Jake – 

Everyone’s going for PM.

The chancers in the local boozers

Scammers, spammers, spaffers, schmoozers

Rancid crowds of bloody losers – 

Everyone’s going for PM.

A wink, a smirk and a bit of swag 

Old gammon wrapped in a union flag 

They’re all just rats in a paper bag – 

Everyone’s going for PM.