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Wednesday 20 July 2022


Truss or Sunak, Sunak or Truss

Shot from a cannon, or hit by a bus 

A mug of bile, or a cup of sick

Smacked with a bat, or jabbed with a stick

Death by fire, or suffocation

Mauled by a Pitbull, or a hungry Alsatian

A lava jacuzzi, or an acid shower

Drowned in the sea, or pushed from a tower 

Naked at work, or trapped in a drain

Jump off a bridge, or a moving train

A vest in the snow, or a scarf in the heat

Slapped with a fish, or a slab of meat

Impaled on a spike, or trampled by cows

Lashes cut off, or losing your brows

Internet down, or battery dead

Kicked in the crotch, or bashed on the head 

Sharing a bath with a frisky BoJo, 

or climbing a mountain in just a kimono 

Pubic lice, or a cyst full of pus –  

Truss or Sunak? Sunak or Truss?