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Tuesday, 29 December 2020


The bloody plague is bloody here

We’re bloody filled with bloody fear

The bloody schools ain’t bloody shut

While bloody cronies bloody glut

Their bloody pockets full of dosh

We’re underneath the bloody cosh

And bloody sense it can’t be found

Anywhere in Covid Town


Their bloody test and bloody trace?

A bloody waste of bloody space

We bloody cough and bloody die

And bloody SAGE know bloody why

And bloody Gavin bloody knows

And still the bloody schools won’t close

And Boris wears his bloody crown

And shits on those in Covid Town

The bloody stakes are bloody large

A bloody twat’s in bloody charge

Their bloody plans have bloody holes

They bloody gaslight all us proles

They bloody flout the bloody rules

They still won’t shut the bloody schools

It’s bloody fully of bloody clowns...

Evidently Covid Town

...Inspired by John Cooper Clarke. Here he is reading his famous poem 'Evidently Chickentown