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Monday, 28 December 2020


I love to gaze in wonder

at the smoothness of your skin

so discard your old pyjamas;

toss those panties in the bin

and don’t bother putting socks on

since I long to see your toes,

but please be sure you don’t forget

to shield your mouth and nose.

You can show off the complexion

of your taut and healthy thighs

and the freckles on your neck

are not in need of a disguise.

No your ankles do not rankle

and I’m thankful for their grace,

but please be sure to cover up

the bottom of your face.

You can leave you hair unveiled,

I adore its silky lustre;

I’m imploring you to flaunt yourself

with all that you can muster

but I’ve merely one entreaty,

if it’s not too much to ask:

as you prepare to share your wares

be sure to don your mask.