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Wednesday 20 March 2024

Stunning poem from Year 5, Columbia Primary School

The other day, during a workshop with Year 5 at Columbia Primary School in Tower Hamlets, where I have had several lovely visits over the years, a pupil produced an amazing poem. I'm talking genuinely brilliant - the sort of poem I would expect to see published in an anthology written by adults. What makes it even better is that the poem was written in a mere ten minutes. After playing a warm-up game, I asked the students to think of a special person, and to describe that person using metaphors. Given the time available, I discouraged the use of rhyme, but the poet in question did it anyway. Here, then, is the poem I'm talking about: 

YOU by Rainbow 

You are my sun

keeping me warm

You are the birds

that wake me at dawn

You are the tree

that grows in my heart

Each leaf with a memory

right from the start

You are my clouds

all fluffy and soft

You are the treasures

that live in my loft

You are hot chocolate

on the coldest of nights 

You are the morning

full of new light 

You make the dinners

that fill up my tum 

You are my favourite – 

my amazing mum.