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Thursday 28 March 2024

Four Letters

The ultimate goal of life remains the spiritual growth of the individual, the solitary journey to peaks that can be climbed only alone – M. Scott Peck 

He had four letters tattooed

on his forearm – TSWF – and he went

to the grave without telling anyone

what they meant. He loved his wife,

their lives entwined as all good couples’ are,

but he never revealed to her

the secret code. His friends and family

likewise – he was open and honest

and right and true, but he never told anyone

what the letters stood for. He worked hard

at his job, and was roundly admired.

At first they asked him about the letters,

but they gave up eventually – it was clear

he would never reveal their meaning.

A good man, evidently. Loved by all. 

And at the summit, four letters in the snow.

Joshua Seigal