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Monday, 24 January 2022

Pirate Poem for Year 3, Belvedere Junior School

Tomorrow I am visiting Belvedere Junior School, where I will be working with Year 3 classes to produce poems about pirates. I am really excited about this! Whenever schools book me to run workshops on a specific theme, I try to write a special poem on that theme, just for them. Well, it's not just for them, since I often put the poems on my blog too. With this in mind, here is Belvedere Junior's Year 3 Pirate Poem! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. 


The waves upon the ocean

always leave me feeling sick.

I’ve tried all kinds of remedies

but none has done the trick.

I’ve nibbled on a cracker

and I’ve sipped some ginger ale; 

the roiling and the rocking

still conspire to leave me frail. 

I’ve tried to change positions

and to regulate my breath;

it didn’t work – the motion caused

discomfort worse than death.

I’ve clutched on very tightly

with a firm and stable grip,

but I do not think I’m suited

to a job on board a ship.

If I could get a plane or car

or bus then I would hire it.

The thing is, getting seasick

isn’t great when you’re a pirate.