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Tuesday, 11 January 2022

news emerges of yet more Downing Street parties during lockdown...


When the sun is in the sky – have a party.

There’s no need to feel shy – have a party. 

Other people might well sigh

when they watch their loved ones die;

that’s no fault of you or I — have a party!

Well the death count’s pretty large – have a party.

After all, it’s us in charge – have a party.

Get the booze from the garage,

Sod the constable and sarge,

Let’s invite Nigel Farage! Have a party!

Let me top up your champagne, at the party!

So we broke the rules again – it’s a party!

Yes the plebs are feeling pain

locked in tight with ball and chain,

but their loss is BoJo’s gain – have a party!

So the mood’s intensifying – have a party!

And the mourners keep on crying – have a party!

We can say that we’re complying,

they will never twig we’re lying

and that Bolly’s fortifying – have a party!

Yes, the country’s in the muck – have a party.

Well that’s pretty rotten luck – have a party.

Yes, the rules might come unstuck

but take off that tie! Untuck!

No we just don’t give a f… Have a party!