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Wednesday, 2 September 2020


GRANDPA’S FEAR by Joshua Seigal

I keep them locked

in a box by my bed.

I will never let anybody

have the key.

Grandpa says the only thing

he truly fears

is losing his marbles

so at least I know now

that I won’t

lose mine.

As with my poem above, I recently set a challenge for my followers on social media, to write poems based on famous sayings and idioms. I thought that this would be ripe for poetic exploration, and I was not disappointed by the responses I received. Here are some of the fantastic examples I received via Twitter and Facebook; why not give it a go yourself, or in class?

Poem by Dainnah Louise (via Facebook)

I have a small door,

deep in the garden.

I keep its place a secret

inside my head. 

Mum oftes says “Jess,

you’re awar with the fairies!”

And I smile, because I know I’m too big

to go through that little door.

Poem by Caz (via Twitter)

The old man down the road

He’s not been well

He’s confused

He heads off to his allotment

Time to reap the fruits

Of his labour

He waits by the lane

Looking at all the neatly kept patches

But which one is his?

I think he’s lost the plot.

[Josh’s comment: is he Jeremy Corbyn by any chance?]

Cake Challenge by Tahera Mayat (via Twitter)

It’s a piece of cake

It should be simple

Enough to consume

But no room for cake

I give it my best shot

It’s a piece of cake

But rich chocolate cake

Means I can’t finish it

The irony is

That eating a piece of cake

Should be a piece of cake…

Or a walk in the park