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Wednesday, 28 September 2016


I recently worked with a Year 10 RE class to produce poems about unity. I shared the following three pieces: 'There is Power in a Union' by Billy Bragg, 'People Need People' by Benjamin Zephaniah and 'I am a Rock' by Simon and Garfunkel.

We then discussed some different perspectives: under which circumstances is unity needed, and under which circumstances is it better to be alone? Students then wrote poems exploring these issues. Here are two fantastic poems, exploring each of the two perspectives:

Individuality by Akeefa

Alone, separate, isolated,
it doesn’t bother me.
No one’s opinions,
no unnecessary suggestion,
no one can hurt me
if I’m alone.

A few stares,
some may talk,
gossip, sneer and tease.
I don’t know them,
they don’t know me.
I like it that way.
No one can hurt me
if I’m alone.

Some may think I’m weird,
others may persuade me to mix,
to have fun, to socialise.
I do all that my own way.
No one understands me,
but no one can hurt me
if I’m alone.

I like what I do,
it’s who I am.
I am special and different
and no matter what anyone says
no one can hurt me
if I’m alone.

Unity by Noor

If we stand together
We’d become stronger
If we bond together
Our faith would contain power
Unity if the key
Don’t break apart
Never go away
Because unity is the key
I would help you
I would comfort you
I would be there for you
Only if
And I ask only for one wish to be true
That wish being for you to stay
Stay because I say
That unity is the key