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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Alternative Nursery Rhymes - workshop idea

Baa Baa Pink Sheep

Baa Baa
Pink sheep
Have you any bread?
Yes sir, yes sir
On my head.

Baa Baa
Red sheep
Have you any socks?
Yes sir, yes sir
In my box.

Baa Baa
Blue sheep
Have you any toes?
Yes sir, yes sir
Up my nose.

Baa Baa
Green sheep
Have you any cake?
No I don’t
For goodness sake!

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I wrote the above poem, basically, because I was really bored. Sing it to young kids; they will delight in how ridiculous you are, and feel indignant at how your are making such rookie errors. Discuss what other alternative renderings of this famous song you can come up with. Write a few examples of the board, then they can have a go on their own or in pairs. Enjoy!