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Wednesday, 29 June 2016



Since 2013 I have been a part of the pioneering Spoken Word Education programme. As a result of this programme I gained an MA from Goldsmiths College, and am a trained poet-educator working in schools. Last night the school where I have been resident poet celebrated the launch of our first poetry anthology. Working regularly at Plashet School has given me the valuable opportunity to forge long-term links with both teachers and pupils, something not possible for most creative artists. I am very lucky to have this wonderful role.

The anthology is entitled 'Us', and was produced as part of a collaboration between myself and the school's RE department. I worked with a number of classes to produce poems on various topics of spiritual importance, such as death, war, faith and gender identity. A number of these poems were collected for the anthology, which was sold to raise money for Care 4 Calais, a charity working with migrants and their families. A number of poets performed their poems at the launch event last night. Here is my favourite poem from the anthology:

Poem by Safa

I’m here sitting in my classroom
I have education
I have clean clothes
I have friends
I have a supportive family
And I’m treated well

Yet there is a girl out there
Who’s sitting at home
Without education
Without clean clothes
Without friends
Without a supportive family
And she isn’t treated well

But that’s not all
She’s been forced into marriage
Even though she’s so young
She’s been stripped of her freedom
Even though she’s so young
They took away her childhood
Even though she’s so young

I’m probably living her dream
Yet we come from the same place
And live on the same planet

The evening was rounded off with a fantastic performance by guest poet Bridget Minamore. I am very proud of what my students have achieved, and had a wonderful time working with them all!