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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Poems for Abney Park Cemetery

I recently did some work with the Hackney Pirates, a fantastic children's charity based in, erm, Hackney. Over half-term, the work involved using the nearby Abney Park cemetery as a stimulus for poetry. I wrote three especially commissioned poems for the project, and I am delighted to be able to share them here. Each poem was written in order to model specific writing techniques, such as personification, metaphor/simile, the five senses, rhythm and repetition. Here they are, along with pictures of the items in the cemetery they were inspired by.

Abney Park Chapel

I have seen the slow rolling
of the seasons, the cycle of life
and the ceaseless turning of the earth.

I have bridged the path from ground
to sky, my finger touching heaven
and my feet set in the soil.

I have heard the cries of widows
and the laughter of birds
taking flight to the stars.

I smell dust in my stone nostrils.
I taste ash in my toothless mouth.

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He’s watching you.

With eyes keener than guided arrows
and claws sharper than angry knives,
he’s watching you.

He’s waiting for you.

With a neck stronger than varnished oak
and a mane mightier than an ice-capped mountain,
he’s waiting for you.

He’s ready for you.

With teeth poised like soldiers
and limbs as agile as an acrobat,
he’s ready for you.

He’s protecting you.

With a heart as pure as fire
and courage as deep as the ocean,
he’s protecting you.

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A Tribute

you raced
the past,
your way
in and out
of years.

you dashed
your bike
churning up
the dust
of memory.

you pursued
like a
two-wheeled fox
a hare.

Tommy, you lie in the ground.
Quiet. Still. Fading away. 

Image result for tommy hall cyclist