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Monday, 23 March 2015

Mums - wonderful poems by Year 7 girls

Last week it was Mothers Day, and I worked with a class of Year 7 girls to create poems about their mums. I'd like to share two examples from the class, which I have chosen in part because I think they are both very interesting and heartfelt, and in part because of their contrast with each other, highlighting the broad range of styles and viewpoints in the class, especially with regard to the often complicated issue of family. Enjoy:

Poem for Mum by Tamia
When I see you I feel safe,
like nothing bad is going to happen.
Even though I don’t have a dad,
you’re my mum and dad.
Mum, when I smile at you,  you get cross.
Mum, when you look at me you say
I look like my dad,
and start hating me.
Mum, I promise I’ll make your favourite
morning pancakes, even though
I can’t keep that promise.
What I’m trying to say
is I love you.

Mum by Bushra
My mum changes her mind very often.
At first she says yes then she says no.
She is concerned about my grades, giving me a phone.
She’s even scared to give me pocket money
Cos she thinks I might not keep it safe.
My mum is concerned about my teenage year
Coming closer every day.

My mum makes me happy by letting me play on her phone.
She eats my salty cupcake as a nice treat at home.
She loves making clothes, sometimes for me
Or the whole family.
She knows she isn’t the best, but she shall be.

She likes making food from Italian or French cuisine.
Madalines with hot chocolate sauce and pizza with mozzarella.
She doesn’t like ruining clothes, she’d rather give it to charity.
She is my mum, the best she could ever be.

My mum likes rice with curry, with a salad as a side.
She loves pudding, but never eats in our sight.
She is the person who made me like maths.
She is the one who gave birth to me.
I am so thankful, and happy Mothers Day!