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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Loneliness - fab poem written by Year 7 student

In 2013 I had an article published in TES, in which I discussed an activity whereby emotions are described using each of the five senses. I used this activity in a Year 7 workshop today, and it resulted in some fantastic, intriguing poetry. The following poem, by Meryy, I found especially interesting: it uses repetition, but it does not stick rigidly to the formula, veering off instead down interesting vistas. It was written in a short space of time so could perhaps do with a bit of editing. Nonetheless, I think Meryy can be very proud of what she has achieved:

Loneliness by Meryy, Year 7

It’s like your food not travelling through your throat.
It’s like a lollipop with no sweetness.
It’s like ice cream with no taste.
It’s like a tree with no leaves in the middle of a forest.
It’s like a universe with no living species.
It’s like a paper without a pen
and a pen without words.
It’s like a face with no wrinkles.
It’s like a rubber all by itself.
It’s like a hand with no watch
and a heart with no beat.
It’s like a cliff with no ending.
It’s like a body with no soul.
It’s like a child with no smile,
I see a story with no cover.
It’s like a seaside with no squeals.
It’s like a boy crying.
I can hear the voices of laughter spurting out
like vomit.
It’s like a door being smashed
wishing that it will never open again.
It’s like a rose with no smell,
like rotten food being chucked away.
It’s like air dirtied by the words that get spat out.
It’s like a smell, a touch, a sound, a taste, a sight

of nothing.