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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Geographical Personification Poems with Year 7

I recently worked with a Year 7 geography class to inject a bit of poetry into what they have been studying. I shared my poem Remembering with them, in the light of which I got them to write personification poems based on a geographical feature of their choice - a great idea form a cross-curriclar link. I didn't explicitly ask them to write riddle poems, but these are what often emerged. Here is a selection of poems from the class.

I Am… by Zayna
I am a place which is pitch black
when you enter my mouth.
My mouth is full of wet
hard rocks.
You use me for shelter.
You can feel the
cold breeze coming
from outside my mouth –
it stays wide open
every day, every
month every year
and never closes.
It remains open.
Always will.
What am I?
I am a cave!

Jamaica by Ebony

I am a tropical crayon, with an exotic zing.
I am a juicy pineapple that’s full of colours,
With carnivals every day going pop, snap, crackle,
Boom, clash and bang.
I have a juicy flavour to explode.
My colours are a as bright as a baboon’s butt!
What am I?

Volcano by Nishat

If you ever drop anything into me
it’s gone forever!
You better not come close or
I’m a ticking time bomb, going to explode
I can never be defused.
I can’t be put out.
I am like a witch’s magical pot,
where she brews fire and
the sun together.
I am a water bottle
filled with fire.
There are lots of me in the world
From Canada to Japan.
You’ll see me scattered everywhere.
I will shoot out drops
of excruciatingly painful fire.
So I reiterate.
Don’t come close or else…


Tornado by Athira

I am a huge monster,
swirling, swallowing
people, objects, animals.

I am mists of fog surrounding
my path and blocking them
to not let them escape. I am a beast,
a cruel one, menacing to my prey
and circling it making them feel
as dizzy as it can get.

I am a weather, the strongest one of all,
I grow and grow like a black hole
Which sucks anything in my reach.
I am one which doesn’t condone.
I am a tornado…