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Monday, 12 January 2015

THE FUTURE - Remarkable Poem by Year 9 Girl

Last week I worked with a Year 9 English class who'd just been reading 'The Looking Glass' by Chekhov. In this story, a young girl looks into her future, and realises it isn't all she expected it to be. Based on this, I asked the students to write poems about their own futures. We warmed up by doing timelines of the future, starting at 'today' and ending with 'death'. They then had to add five items to their timelines. These could be based on imagination, predictions, hopes, fears, or a combination of all of these. I then asked each student to pick an event, and write a poem about it, imagining it in detail, teasing out possible consequences and perspectives. I left this activity very open, after having shared my own poem (at the end of this blog piece).

But I'm not very interested in my own poem. What I am interested in is this wonderful poem about marriage, from the perspective of a 13 year old girl. One of the great things about working with poetry is getting an insight into students' lives and thoughts. With that in mind, here is the poem:

The Timeline by Sharmin (Year 9)
It’s the person you’re destined for.
The love of your life.
Your partner, companion, husband or wife.

He comes home every day after work.
Has his meal as normal.
He watches TV, does his things,
until the next day.

I awake as usual.
He’s already at work.
Time passes by…
The clock echoes throughout the house.

He has not returned.
The phone rings, I wish it was him.
I fall onto my knees.
A day passes. The house
Is cold. I’ve cried through tears
to see my own reflection in them.
You don’t realise someone until
they’re gone.
Pain is just a consequence
of love.
His time had come,
my everything,
my husband.
The Winner by Joshua Seigal
My time has come.
The spotlight shines.
The trophy’s in my hand.
My time has come.
I’m on TV,
in a brand new suit and tie.

My time has come.
My voice rings loud.
My lips can say no wrong.

My time has come.
I look at you
from the mantelpiece
of the world.

My time has come.
The fire burns –
in fact I smell the smoke.

My time has come.
My picture’s edge
is curling in the flame. 

My time has come.
The trophy melts.
My suit is torn to shreds.

My time has come.
I have to go –
please try not to forget.