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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

HAPPINESS IS - fab poem by Year 8 girls

Here is a group poem, written by a Year 8 class I have been working with. Each student in the class contributed a line, which I then arranged into a poem. Enjoy!

Happiness Is by 8S, Plashet School
Happiness is
Playing with your sister;
Having fun;
Having an adventure and using your imagination.

Happiness is
A one-in-a-million feeling inside you
When you achieve something which
you have been yearning for all these years;
When you find a friend.

Happiness is
Sitting beside the warm fireplace
Watching Christmas movies and drinking hot chocolate;
The smile that sits on your baby brother’s face
As he giggles away;
A yummy icing cake with beautiful flowers.

Happiness is
When it is snowing heavily,
Enough snow to build a snowman;
Going on holiday with your family;
When you’re at the city farm
And your favourite cow moos.

Happiness is
When your whole family sits down
To eat takeaway whilst watching TV;
When you’re meeting your new baby niece
For the first time;
When you’re exchanging smileys with everyone.

Happiness is
Finally getting on with your sister;
The proud look on your mother’s face;
Going on your phone and talking to ducks.

Happiness is
When your baby brother and sister
Come out of the hospital;
Watching movies on your laptop;
Receiving a Get Well Soon letter.

Happiness is
Receiving a smile from someone;
Playing football;
Going to the seaside.

Happiness is
Dreaming about unicorns while sleeping at night;
A thousand monkeys jumping around everywhere;
A branch that’s swaying left to right.

Happiness is you
Being yourself.