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Sunday, 17 March 2019


Whenever something frightens me,
whenever I feel blue,
there’s something very simple
that I’d really love to do;
the kind of superpower
that would deal with my fears -
I’d simply point my finger and then
it disappears.

I’d zap away the bullies
and I’d zap away the ghouls,
and when the weekend’s over
I would zap away my school.
I’d zap away my braces
and the pimple on my nose.
I’d simply click my finger and then
away it goes.

I’d zap away the angry words
between my mum and dad.
I’d zap away the arguments
that make me feel sad.
And sometimes, after having had
a truly dismal day,
I almost wish that I could even
myself away.

I’d zap away the demons
that reside within my head.
I’d close my eyes and hold my breath
and then I’d zap them dead.
I’d zap away the worries
that go on and on and on.
I’d take a gulp then give a wink and then I’d
them gone.

Whenever something comes along
and brings up all my rage,
and makes me feel like a tiger
trapped inside a cage,
I’d really love to zap it.
That’s what I would like to do.
So do not make angry or I might even