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Saturday, 23 March 2019


Marjorie is a mild-mannered woman.
She teaches at the local school.
Always smiling, always diligent,
she patiently helps the children
with their sums and spelling.

But, believe it or not,
Marjorie has a secret.
For every morning,
When the alarm clock beeps at the stroke of 6am,
Marjorie emerges from her cozy den
and becomes…


Watch the hideous beast bare her fangs
as she prowls ito the kitchen!
Gaze in wonder at her fearsome claws
as she rifles through the cupboards!
Marvel at her bleary eyes as she heaps majestic spoonfuls
into her ‘World’s Best Teacher’ mug,
Gasp as she gulps down gallons
of her steamy potion.
Be amazed as she exhales deeply

and, just like that,
becomes Marjorie again -
a mild-mannered woman
who teaches at the local school.