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Wednesday 27 March 2019


On my website there is a little-known clause which states that, if I am booked by a school to run a workshop on a specific theme, I will write a poem, on that theme, especially for them. Tomorrow I am visiting St Luke's Primary, in Islington. With Year 3 we are going to write poems on the theme of Ancient Egypt. With that in mind, I have written the following little poem.

What the Sphinx Thinks

The body of a lion
The head of a man
He sits and he watches
Over his land
Never a murmur
A twitch or a wink –
Who knows
What the Sphinx thinks?

Carved by chisel
Hewn from rock
It harbours a riddle
You cannot unlock
Never a shudder
A breath or a blink –
Who knows
What the Sphinx thinks?

A creature cut
From the hardest granite
Has it come from
Another planet
With secrets written
In ancient ink?
Do you know
What the Sphinx thinks?

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