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Tuesday, 6 December 2016


The Sandwich by Joshua Seigal 

My mum made me a sandwich
for the school trip.
She wrapped it up neatly
and left it in the fridge
with a picture of a heart
and a little smiley face.

At lunchtime our teacher said
we could go to the café.
I love my mum, but I like
chicken more than egg
so I bought a chicken sandwich
and threw my mum’s one in the bin.

“How was the museum?”
asked mum when I got home.
“And how was the egg sandwich?”
“Yeah, good thanks” I replied.
So she gave me a kiss
and I went up to my room

and I lay down on my bed,
thinking about chickens and eggs.


(1)  How would you describe my mum in this poem?
(2)  Why didn’t I eat my mum’s sandwich?
(3)  Did I do anything wrong? (If yes, why? and if no, why not?)

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