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Sunday, 4 December 2016

New Poem

Little Miss Fear

Make friends with her.
Open up your lunchbox
and give her a sandwich.
Take off her running shoes –
the ones with holes
and worn out soles –
and cast them away
to the bottom of your wardrobe.
Give her some slippers.
Write her an invitation.
Make her a cup of tea.
Put stabilizers on her bike.
Run a warm bath
and give her some armbands.
Wrap her up in a dressing gown
and sit her down on the sofa.
She has a story to tell?
Listen to the story.
Smile and nod politely.
Make a place on your fridge
as you would
for a three-year-old’s
finger painting.
She’s little.
She has a lot to learn.
Why don’t you teach her.

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