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Monday, 5 December 2016


I was delighted to receive the following email, from a teacher with whom I recently worked:

"Good morning Joshua and merry first Christmas month! This is Miss Carter who emailed you about my class entering a Christmas poetry competition with poems inspired by The Day the Poet Came and by your visit to the school.  I have wonderful news!  George was a runner up.  This is an enormous achievement!  It was a national competition so must have had hundreds (thousands?) or entries.  We are all incredibly proud of George!  It has meant the world to him, as it has the rest of the class.  You have really made a difference and they will remember this forever!"

Receiving this kind of news really makes my job worthwhile. Here is a fantastic selection of verses from the amazing poets in Miss Carter's class, which I'm honoured to be able to share on my blog. (The poems were inspired by my poem 'The Day The Poet Came', in my book I Don't Like Poetry.)

Crazy Christmas by George, 9, The Lyceum
The Christmas jumper really jumped.
the mince pies went to Spain.
the Christmas trees grew legs and danced.
the elf fell down the drain.
the raindeer bumped into a star.
the day that Santa came.

Christmas Odds by Imogen, 8, The Lyceum
The presents walked.
The snow grew a brain.
The stockings gasped.
The bauble took a train. 
The Christmas pudding swam.
The elves got put into chains.
Things happened that blew our brains
the day that Santa came. 

Magic and Mayhem and Christmas by Isabella, 8, The Lyceum
The snowflake grew an ear.
The Christmas tree turned into a sphere.
I drank a beer (naughty!)
And I saw a deer.
But I'll never fear (I'll cal Rudolf).
Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Magic and mayhem at Christmas by Emily, 9, The Lyceum
The tree burped and slurped.
The mince pies got the blame. 
The bauble balls grew legs.
The reindeer was lame.
The snowflake danced around.
That's what happened when Santa came. 

My Crazy Christmas by Louie, 8, The Lyceum
The elf fell down the drain.
Rudolf flew to Spain.
The Christmas tree was insane.
and the star was a goat.
The day that Santa came!

the magic of Christmas by Annalise, 9, The Lyceum
In the starry night sky
the star turned into a mouse.
Before Same came
the chimney fell off the house.
The presents grew plats
and the Christmas tree became a woodlouse. 
The day that Santa came. 
Everything turned into something else by Lucas, 8, The Lyceum
The decoration turned into a ghost
the wrath turned into a host
The tree turned into a flea
The elf turned into a bee

The crazy Xmas Wonderland by Charlotte, 8, The Lyceum
The tree ran away.
The turkey was steak
The pine needles turned 
into a lake. 
Mrs Claude's name was Summer
The fire began to shake.
The day that Santa came. 

The Magic Christmas by Sienna, 8, The Lyceum
The presents danced the walz.
The mince pies went insane. 
Christmas trees grew plats.
The star walked in pain.
The elfs ears disappeared.
The turkey was paid. 
The day that Santa came. 

Christmas oh Christmas by Hannah, 8, The Lyceum
Christmas of Christmas, the presents disappear.
Christmas of Christmas, the elves make beer.
Christmas oh Christmas, everyone fears
the day Santa comes. 

a christmas poem by Alex, 8, The Lyceum
The Christmas tree ate a car
but he knew it was way to far
the carrot reached the star
but he knew it was a spark of marks
the elf went to Mars and he knew he would say 'arrrrr'

Magic and Mayhem at Christmas by Jean-Paul, 10, The Lyceum
The raindeer flew as slow as a snail.
The elf turned into a whale.
The diamond watch went on sale.
The day Santa came. 

Christmas Eve Mayhem by Luca, 8, The Lyceum
A mince pie wore a tie.
The Christmas tree ate Wayne Rooney.
Mrs Clause was a lion.
My cousin, an elf, turned into a bee.
Red, shiny ball-balls flew.
Rudolf supports Chelsea.
This all happened on Christmas Eve. 

Mayhem of Mayhem by Federico, 8, The Lyceum
Mayhem of Mayhem
The tree ate Kates
mayhem of Mayhem 
Rudolf had dates
Mayhem oh Mayhem 
The elf ate plates
This was the day that Santa came

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