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Thursday, 28 August 2014

COLOURS - workshop idea for FS/KS1

First off, perform this poem a couple of times, getting everyone to do actions:


Green is the colour
of a hopping frog.

Brown is the colour
of a yapping dog.

Black is the colour
of the night time sky.

Red is the colour
of a cherry pie.

Blue is the colour
of my mummy’s car.

Look at all the colours
of the sweets in the jar!

Step One

Have large sheets of coloured paper placed on tables around the classroom. Make sure all the pages are of different colours, and have the name of the colour written in large letters in the centre ('RED', 'YELLOW', etc). 

Step Two

Children are given a set amount of time to roam around the classroom as they please, going up to the sheets of paper. On each sheet of paper, children need to write something that has that colour. So for example, the 'RED' sheet might include words like 'tomato' and 'blood' and the 'YELLOW' sheet might include words like 'sun' and 'butter'. Each child should aim to have written something on all the sheets of paper. IMPORTANT: Weaker/younger children can draw pictures or otherwise respond however they wish; that is fine too. 

Step Three

Gather all the sheets in, and use what the children have written to create a class poem. For each sheet of paper, ask the class what they think the most interesting idea is, and use that as a line for the poem, perhaps modelling use of interesting adjectives too. Lines might include things such as 'Red is the colour of a juicy tomato'. 

Step Four

As with my poem at the beginning, perform the resulting piece as a class, with actions!