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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Group Poem By Year 5 Pupils at Jessop Primary, Brixton

Jessop Primary in Brixton was one of two schools I worked with to coach children for an inter-school poetry slam, put together by the Brixton Learning Collaborative. I had a wonderful time working with some of their Year 5 children, and am delighted to post below their wonderful group poem, written and performed by Omario, Tasian, Mael, Alacey, Aaron, Ashley, Sadaq and Assya. I especially like the positive message of this poem, as well as the often surreal imagery!


Every day I wake up in the middle of a war,
Always hearing people screaming outside my door
Why can’t they work together like a football team,
Blocking all of Wayne Rooney’s attempts at a goal
Unity is working together, playing pass to pass.
This is my dream. What’s yours?

People should stop being serious
Hit the dancefloor and be mysterious
Let’s fly into outer space
Or try to have a super fun race.

Let your imagination out.
Never go to school.
Let’s all get rockets and go as fast as the speed of light
To a planet made of chicken-flavoured cheese.

Everyone gets a tablet and gets to go on it all the time,
So people can be great at games
So when the aliens come to invade we can fight back.


You have a special quality.
Do not copy anybody else.
You are nobody else but you.
You don’t need to do the same job as your friends.
Smile and play and say hey.

If you do something wrong you shouldn’t get bullied for it
And everybody should get the chance to speak with a voice
A powerful as a volcano
And let your actions run wild.
But make sure not to get carried away
Because your whole life could start again.

Saving people in blazing flames
That’s one thing I wish I could do,
I wish that teachers would have fun and stop being serious
Scoring goals is what I dream of
Going for gold is my big dream
Helping people is what you should do
Not killing people, that is silly
Being rude ain’t no good
Puts you in a mood.

I dream that running on the street
Is a rhythm of a beat
Flying in the air
Like a bird that doesn’t care
Swimming in the ocean
Like you’re making a potion
Running on the street
Is like a pin in your skin.