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Saturday 28 October 2023

This Ring

lives, and always will live, on my finger.

Most of the time I don’t notice it as I go about

my business, but it is, and always will be, there.

It’s there for me to look at when times get tough,

its smoothness and roundness a reminder that,

underneath it all, lies an unblemished love,

without end. This ring, mostly unnoticed yet always there –

maybe I’ll take the time to look at it more often;

maybe I’ll give myself ten minutes every day to gaze

at nothing but this ring. Let all else slide away

from my vision until nothing remains but the polished

silver circle of this ring. For what else matters but love?

Let all else melt from view. Let all else fade.

Let all things crumble to nothing but dust.

For what is life but love? And what is love but this ring?

Joshua Seigal