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Sunday, 10 October 2021

amazing poems from Berkhamsted Prep School

 I recently had the pleasure of running poetry workshops with the lovely students at Berkhamsted Prep School. I would like to share some examples of their incredible work; I hope you enjoy the poems as much as I did! 


When I met the snake of guilt

his eyes flashed red before me. 

I must not tell him what I have done

or punishment will follow. 

He slithers slyly under my skin

waiting for me to slip up. 

When I get close

his venomous breath chokes me. 

I must not tell him what I will do 

or pain and anguish will follow.


When I met the snake of guilt

his eyes flashed red before me.

I looked him in the eye 

and told him what I did. 

The great snake

became a mouse 

and scuttled off into the bushes. 

THE PUPPY OF JOY by Lauren Yr 6

The puppy of joy,

jumping around in the meadow. 

You can stroke her beautiful black curls. 

You can stare in wonder

as she dances in the long grass. 

You can listen to her bark,

calling out for you. 

The puppy of joy,

curled at the end of your bed. 

You can cuddle her and hug her. 

You can let her lick your hands

while you sleep. 

You can lie down next to her

and doze side by side. 

You can look into her eyes

and see the sweet soul

of the puppy of joy. 


Anxiousness is a darkness that covers all hope

Anxiousness is like eating Antarctic ice

Anxiousness is being showered in your mistakes

Anxiousness is talking to your friends in a language you don’t know 

Anxiousness is walking down the corridor thinking about how bad life is 

Anxiousness is something that will haunt you forever

[NB I suggested that the poet change ‘anxiousness’ to ‘anxiety’, but she didn’t want to!]