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Sunday, 19 September 2021

'Choices' - a poem for National Poetry Day 2021

 I am an Official Poetry Ambassador for National Poetry Day, which this year is on 7th October ! I have had this role since 2016, and it involves going all around the country, either virtually or in real life, spreading the joy of poetry. Every year National Poetry Day has a theme. This year it is 'Choice'. Here is a little poem I wrote on that theme. I would LOVE it if teachers were to get in touch with their pupils' work, perhaps inspired by this poem. In particular, I would love to share some children's work on my blog, so do get writing!

CHOICES by Joshua Seigal


the choice is easy,

like picking pepperoni pizza

from the restaurant menu. 


the choice if tough,

like deciding which friend

to have for a sleepover. 


the choice is cowardly, 

like hiding behind the sofa

when the monster comes on telly.

And sometimes 

the choice is brave

like picking up the pen

and writing this poem.