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Sunday, 18 July 2021

Oh, come let us abhor him!


Silent night! Covid night!

All is screwed, all is shite

Round yon Boris venal and vile!

Knew of Delta all of the while!

Let this lunacy cease!

Let this lunacy cease!

Violent night! Covid night!

Shielders they quake at the sight!

Virus streams from near and far

Boozy louts five-deep at the bar

This manchild was warned!

This manchild was warned!

Silent night! Covid night!

His soul is dark but his hair is light

Ineptitude beams from his lowly face 

He’s the scourge of the human race 

Wiffle and piffle and mirth!

Give this git a wide berth!

[July 19th - 'Freedom Day' - marks the end of all Covid restrictions in England]