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Wednesday, 8 July 2020



You’re choking and dying, your children are crying, 
your prospects have all turned to shreds;
You’re craving a rope to grab onto for hope
here’s a tenner off Nando’s instead. 

You’re drowning in debt and your bills can’t be met
and the loss of your income you dread;
you sigh and lament for you cannot pay rent
here’s a tenner off Nando’s instead.

Oh what can you do? You need to get through
and you fear that the virus has spread;
you splutter and cough: will they help you? PISS OFF! 
Here’s a tenner for Nando’s instead.

according to BBC News on 08/07/20: "Chancellor Rishi Sunak unveiled the "eat out to help out" discount as part of a series of measures to restart the economy amid the coronavirus pandemic. The deal means people can get up to £10 off per head if they eat out between Monday and Wednesday.