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Monday, 17 December 2018


The day the internet broke down
saw couples sit in icy gloom.
Kids ran feral through the town
as cities bathed in icy doom.

The day the internet went blank
saw toddlers scream (their parents too)
and bored teenagers robbing banks
with simply nothing else to do.

The day the internet conked out
saw gormless creatures stare at walls,
and people couldn’t get about;
they couldn’t find their way at all.

The day the internet went bust
saw everything come to a stop.
No one knew whom they could trust.
They couldn’t browse. They couldn’t shop.

The day the internet dried up
saw people freeze in sheer despair.
Some tried to talk, to open up
but others simply didn’t dare.

The day the internet went wrong
saw zombies shuffle through the streets.
I couldn’t go on
So this poem was left with an unsatisfactory conclusion.