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Thursday 11 April 2024

Spicy Mind

I recently discovered the word 'neurospicy', to describe neurodivergence. Naturally, I wrote a poem about it. Enjoy!

Spicy Mind

I have a spicy mind. It doesn’t

do what people tell it to. 

It’s often very friendly but then

sometimes it’ll yell at you. 

It’s like a pair of horses pulling

each their separate way at once,

or else it is a jester with

a chestful of annoying stunts. 

I have a spicy mind. It often

makes me want to scream and shout. 

It’s like a tiger, locked up in

a cage, that simply can’t get out. 

It throws me lots of curveballs

and it’s riddled with anxiety. 

It conjures ways to trick me

with its impish impropriety. 

I have a spicy mind. I guess

it’s tiring, but I’ve grown to learn 

that often it’s delectable

despite the way my brain can burn. 

My mind belongs to me, you see

I think that I am stuck with it,

so stick it in your recipe

and come and try your luck with it!

Joshua Seigal

Saturday 6 April 2024

Making a Name for Myself

My moniker is Monica.

From Monaco I came. 

I’m good on the harmonica;

Veronica’s the same. 

They ask about my moniker. 

“It’s Monica”, I claim,

“and me and my Veronica,

we came in search of fame.”  

My moniker is Monica.

Simplicity’s my aim:

see, Monica’s my moniker – 

my name’s the name for ‘name’.

Joshua Seigal

Wednesday 3 April 2024

poem published in 'Teaching English' magazine

I am delighted to say that a poem of mine has recently been published in the fantastic 'Teaching English' magazine. Check it out!

Thursday 28 March 2024

Four Letters

The ultimate goal of life remains the spiritual growth of the individual, the solitary journey to peaks that can be climbed only alone – M. Scott Peck 

He had four letters tattooed

on his forearm – TSWF – and he went

to the grave without telling anyone

what they meant. He loved his wife,

their lives entwined as all good couples’ are,

but he never revealed to her

the secret code. His friends and family

likewise – he was open and honest

and right and true, but he never told anyone

what the letters stood for. He worked hard

at his job, and was roundly admired.

At first they asked him about the letters,

but they gave up eventually – it was clear

he would never reveal their meaning.

A good man, evidently. Loved by all. 

And at the summit, four letters in the snow.

Joshua Seigal 

Tuesday 26 March 2024

portraits of me, from Fleetville Infant School

Following on from my previous post about my visit to Fleetville Infant School, and my longstanding association with this wonderful place, I'm delighted to share some portraits (!!) that the children drew of me. One of the teachers presented me with a pack of them at the end of the day. You will see that my much-loved cat, Bluebell, makes a couple of appearances! 

Saturday 23 March 2024

Superhero Poem for Fleetville Infant School

I have been visiting the amazing Fleetville Infant School, Herts, as their Poetry in Residence, several times a year since 2014. Yesterday I had another one of my wonderful visits. Upon learning that Year 1 had been studying and writing about superheroes, I did what I often do and wrote a special, bespoke poem, just for them. Here it is. As you can see, it lends itself very well as a writing model. Why not have a go at writing your own version? 

If I Were a Superhero by Joshua Seigal

If I were a superhero

I would rescue all the lost cats

And keep them all as pets

If I were a superhero

I would make sure

That no one in the world is hungry

If I were a superhero

I would catch bad guys

With my pair of magic underwear

If I were a superhero 

I would make sure that every dog

Has a nice juicy bone

If I were a superhero 

I would take the news off the TV

And show nothing but cartoons

If I were a superhero

I would take all the broccoli in the supermarket

And send it to the moon…

If you were a superhero

What would you do?

For Fleetville Infant School

Thursday 21 March 2024

All Alone

You see the moon

but you are not the moon. 

You think your thoughts

but you are not your thoughts. 

You hold your wife in your arms

but you are not her

and she is not you. 

You are all alone.

And it’s beautiful.

Joshua Seigal