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Tuesday, 4 August 2020

'FOR ART'S SAKE' - a poem for artists and creatives during lockdown


Let’s raise a glass and make a shrine

to all the content dumped online

since Covid came and made us see

we need to offer stuff for free. 

Those webinars and videos

and footage from our gigs and shows

now frankly can’t be done without. 

Let’s give them gratis! Hand them out!

For can’t you tell? The multitude

just craves our craft; it would be rude

to make them pay for what we do!

And so our skill we cough and spew

and splash across the internet.

This simple truth let’s not forget:

to charge a smidgen would be rash

for the world needs our art

more than we need its cash.

So let’s raise a glass and make a shrine

to all that content dumped online.

It lies inert and ossifies

but, unlike us, it never dies.

Monday, 3 August 2020


During my MA

he told us

that a good poem

needs to have

some kind of turn

some kind of twist

some kind of volte-face

just before


its conclusion. 

I didn’t believe it then

and I still don’t.

Thursday, 30 July 2020

A HIERARCHY OF TERROR (poem + writing idea)

1. Failing my science exam

2. Going to the dentist

3. Making mistakes when I write lists

5. Mutant guinea pigs

6. Empty spaces


8. Getting lost in a forest at night (with bears)

9. Being forced to swim naked in the crater of a bubbling volcano

10. Growing up.

(why not create your own 'hierarchy of terror'...)

Saturday, 25 July 2020


It follows me
and yet it’s not a part of me. 
It does the things I do

and yet remains
a darker hue. 
What is this thing

that stretches and contorts
and shapes itself
to my movements,

that seems to know me
so intimately?
Who is this spectre

that wraps around
my presence
like a whisper?

Shadow — I would love
to get to know you
but when I reach for you

you somehow slide away
like the final note

of some escaping melody.

Friday, 24 July 2020


My darling is a genius.
She taught herself to read.
She also plays the violin
and swims at super speed.

She’s quite the whizz at ballet
and she’s excellent at chess.
When asked about her aptitude
one has to acquiesce. 

She knows her Dickens off by heart.
She cooks delicious food.
With high degrees of giftedness
my girl has been imbued.

She’s got the knack for algebra
though she is only three.
My darling is a genius.
She sure takes after me.

Wednesday, 22 July 2020


the burning globe inside my chest
the eagle chick without a nest

the dagger poised above my head
the centipede beneath the bed

The paw prints of some distant bear
the creaking of a rocking chair

the cackle heard across the plain
the twisting of a dusty lane

the nameless baby in a well
the thing that I can never tell