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Wednesday, 6 November 2019


I recently spent a fantastic couple of days visiting the International School in Florence. I am delighted to be able to share the following wonderful poem, which was produced during one of my workshops. I often ask workshop participants to describe a person they love using various objects as metaphors, such as I do in this poem here. The interesting thing about the student's poem was the way he inverted my idea, and kind of took it off in his own direction. I love it when this happens! Here is the poem:

YOU by Marco 

You are the virus
to my laptop;

You are the bacteria
to my health;

You are the storm
to my sailing boat; 

You are the homework
to my summer;

You are the ISF
to my bank account

but I love you.

Actually, the poet crossed out the last line, but I thought it worked really well so am including it here. And, for good measure, here is the view from the classroom in Florence: