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Friday, 7 June 2019


I was delighted that my book I Don't Like Poetry was shortlisted recently the the 2019 'Our Best Book Award' by Leicester Libraries. The award was voted on by hundreds of children throughout schools in Leicester, and although my book didn't win (that honour went to Looshkin, by Jamie Smart), to have my book read and appreciated by so many children truly was fantastic!

The award ceremony took place at the Leicester Tigers stadium, with hundreds of teachers and children in attendance. I was joined by fellow shortlisted authors Jo Simmons and Mitch Johnson, and we met many of our excited fans! Check out this awesome display that was produced in honour of my book:

In the afternoon I visited the wonderful Caldecote Community Primary School to give a poetry performance. My highlight of the day was undoubtedly when a group of pupil from Caldecote got on stage to perform a poem that they had written, all! I am delighted to be able to share it here on my blog! Here goes:

I Don’t Like Poetry (an ode to a fantastic poetry book)

I Don’t Like Poetry is a fantastic book,
We at Caldecote dare you to take a look.
With teachers, gamers and even dogs,
A read like this clears the boredom fog.

I Don’t Like Poetry is a wonderful book,
We utterly enjoyed having a look.
Once engrossed in the rhythm and the rhyme ,
You’ll not notice the passing of time.

I Don’t Like Poetry is an amazing book,
Every child in the universe should have a look.
The poems will surely make you boogie and dance,
Go on, you’ll not regret the chance.

I Don’t Like Poetry is a brilliant book.
Man, woman and beast must take a look.
We thank Joshua Seigal for this great read,
Surely no one would dare to disagree.

I Don’t Like Poetry is a fantastic book,

Go on… just…. take...a…..LOOK!

A huge thank you to the pupils of Caldecote Community for writing this poem, and the notes you left behind show you were clearly disappointed that my book did not win the award...