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Saturday, 11 August 2018


Too Many Cats!

There are too many CATS in the house where I live
and I don’t CATS know what to CATS do.
They’re under sofas, on CATS the CATS shelves,
and even in CATS the loo.

CATS They’re on the wardrobe and in CATS the sink;
they CATS lurk behind the door. CATS
They get where CATS they’re not wanted -
far too CATS many to CATS ignore.

There are CATS on my mum and CATS on my dad,
above him CATS and below CATS him.
There are CATS CATS that get into every nook; CATS
there are CATS too CATS many CATS in this poem!

Not Enough dogs!

There are not enough dogs in the house where I live,
I wish that there were more.
I’d love a nice dog when I get home from school,
barking at the door.

I’d take my dog on nice long walks
through sun or rain or fog,
then I would give a juicy treat
to my little dog.

I’d love to own a lovely dog;
I’d love get to know him.
But there aren’t any dogs in the house where I live
and there aren’t any in this poem.