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Tuesday, 2 January 2018


A paradiddle is a pattern in drumming. If 'L' denotes the left hand and 'R' the right, a paraddidle goes: RLRRLRLL. You can watch a top drummer performing them and talking about them here.

A thought occurred to me the other day: the sticking pattern of the paradiddle could equally apply to poetry. In other words, you can write a 'paradiddle' poem with the rhyme scheme ABAABABB. Here is my attempt at a paradiddle poem. If any readers want to have a go at writing a paradiddle poem, I'd be delighted to post them up on this blog page (poems will be posted below the image of Dave Grohl attacking his drum kit).


Can you hear the echoes growing?
Can you hear each pounding beat?
Can you hear the tension flowing
as excitement’s fist starts throwing

punches? Can you feel the heat?
Can you hear alarm bells going
as the monsters prowl for meat?
Music! Music! What a treat. 

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Storm by John Foster
Wild winds blow
Trees thrash
Torrents grow
Rivers overflow
Lightning’s flash
Thunder’s bellow
Boom and crash
Storm’s smash.