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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

THE EARTH - Poem by one of my students

In class, it sometimes happens that a student will write a poem that is only tangentially related, or not related at all, to the theme of the workshop. One of the key things that differentiates my role from that of a more traditional teacher is that I love it when this happens. In the days (or weeks, depending on how lazy I am!) to come, I will be sharing some poems on the theme of Islam and the 99 names of Allah. However, I'd like for now to share a different poem that was written during the workshop. Arundhati took the idea of an object having different attributes, and ran with it. Here is her fantastic poem:

Earth by Arundhati

I am the earth.
I am far greater and larger than any creature,
yet I stand beneath.
I give you my children to take care of
yet you tread on them like they are worthless.
I give you my tears of joy
yet you force me to cry as you need water.
I give you love, kindness and happiness
yet you pierce my heart for my diamonds.
I give you everything you need
yet you take advantage and ask for more.
I sacrifice my life to make you satisfied
even though I am dying.
Each day I am dying.
You will not recognise me
until I am gone. 

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