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Monday, 20 March 2017


I recently worked with a group of students to produce poems for Mothers Day. I started by asking them to write (or draw) TEN OBJECTS that are particularly important to them. We then used these objects to create metaphors describing their mums. This is a very simple technique, and it can be used to create poems about anyone and anything. Here are some examples produced by the students at my weekly lunch club at Plashet School:

You Are by Eliona

You are the key to my heart
You are the light showing me directions
You are my sweater keeping me warm
You are my pillow keeping me comfy
You are my umbrella protecting me from the rain
You are my teddy bear keeping me company
You are always by my side

I Love You by Fatima

I love you mum
because you gave me everything
I love you
I love you because
you gave me a gift
I love you
I love you like a star
shines bright in the sky
I love you
because you make me happy
because you laughed

My Mum by Safia

You are my book
When I open you
You get me laughing and excited
You are my sunshine
My shining star!
When you turn on
I’m really happy

You Are by Farha

You are my star
always leading the way
You are my key
always opening up new places in me
You are my glasses
always opening up my eyes
You are my umbrella
always protecting me from the rain/sun
You are my boat
always holding me up

You Are by Safiyah

You are my phone
My privacy
You are my chicken curry and rice
My favourite food
You are my anime
Thriller, Adventure, Horror, Romance
You are my medals
The achievements I've earned
You are my books
You are my glasses
My shield
You are my merchandise
Everything I cherish
You are my life
My everything

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