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Saturday, 26 December 2015

Personification Poem by Tommy, Year 7

I am Patron of Reading at Stalham High School in Norfolk. My role involves visiting the school a couple of times a year to perform and run workshops, often with Year 7, and occasionally involving children from local primary schools. During my last visit we worked on personification poems. I presented pictures of a number of objects, and asked pupils to write poems from the perspective of one of these objects. Some wonderful poems were produced, and I was particularly impressed with the following poem from the point of view of a key, by Tommy in Year 7:

I'm a Key by Tommy

My owner is a drug dealer
He gets me to hide them in the back.

I'm alone
The others were taken
That's why I stayed with him in his pocket.

I wanted to tell so badly
But I knew I would be punished
So I didn't
I kept it in
And that's when they came.

They took him
He threw me into the corner
Hopefully never to be found
But I glistened in the moonlight
I was taken
I begged him to let me go.

That's when I saw the others
Who were now scrap metal
So am I.

I saw light
I glistened
I knew everyone's dirty secrets
And I would open their doors
To reveal their lies.

I'm your worst nightmare
What am I?